Cheese slices

The barbers that we go to in town charge £3.50 per haircut (I know, cheap right?) and do a satisfactory job for the ridiculous 1980 »


It's 20 minutes before the head teacher, Mr Hovers, rings his huge bell right into my unsuspecting face (not a euphemism, naughty), signalling the children to »

Grandma Great - Part 2

We made the six-weekly expedition down to Weymouth to visit Grandma Great at the weekend. Just me (Daddy) and Richard. I say 'expedition' as the journey »

A humongous timeline

It's four weeks into the seven week long (long being the key word there) Summer school holiday. As I've probably mentioned before, holiday clubs are an »

Checkout chaos.

I was daydreaming in the queue for the checkout, arms folded, glazed eyes fixated on the huge window poster; a photograph collage advertising a rather smart »


Today, in a change to my normal cheerful topic of chit-chat which is of course adoptive parenting and, well, generally the kids mucking about, I would »

Grandma Great

“I’d like a table for twelve for two”. “Yes, that’s right, a table for two, for twelve”. “Yes, o’clock.” “Yes, people.” “Well usually »

Good face bad face

I’ll freely admit that I’m enormously inept when it comes to checking the boys’ school bags for letters and stuff. I mean more often »

The Good Pencil

Lyall came home from school with the 'Good pencil' last Friday. He tells me that the Good pencil is given to Class 2P's best behaved and »

Rude word lucky dip

It's official. Our eldest (Lyall, 7) is obsessed with rude words. Not swear words, mind, just irritating body-parts and toilet function words that seem to be »

Pirate tooth

For God's sake this parenting lark is hard work. It's perhaps a bit of a cliché but Lyall and Richard appear to subconsciously take turns to »

Kitchen disco

Welcome back. Hands up whose had a busy month? Ours was berserk. We've had our family's first birthday, celebrated in style with a jolly wander down »

Top 5 unwinding ideas.

As an adoptive parent, one enthusiastically takes on every quandary and issue, however insignificant or extreme, that our adoring off-spring arrive with in their proverbial suitcase. »